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About us

The most important deputy in Belgrade was opened in 1851, and Mustafa Pelinanovic had certainly not even dreamed that the buzz was sent in Belgrade and in 2019. Hundreds of customers visit us daily, they are the taste and peace of the same as their memory of the generation of Belgrade. Ice ball from Pelivan has long since become a daily dose of the flight, and it can be obeyed that Karadjordje and us were regular customers.

In the Belgrade archives, it was written that the first Pelivan cake shop was opened in 1851 at the Stambol Gate. It worked until the bombing on April 6, 1941, when the building was leveled off with the ground.

However, after a few months, the owners moved the cake shop to a restaurant in Bulevar where it remained until today, and this storehouse was also mentioned in one of the most popular works of Ivo Andric - "Signs along the way". The older customers remember and a few tons of ice cream were sold daily a few decades ago.

In the meantime, some new generations of customers have come up, just like the raffles arrived and the balls of a different smell and taste. But, in "Pelivan", they proudly say that vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut are the most sought after after 166 years. The recipe is still a secret, which does not surprise anyone because this family of gold is worth it.

In the assortment of this pastry shop, oriental cakes can be found according to the old recipe, such as kadif, tulumba, baklava, but also those newer ones that are popular among younger generations such as Mus raspberry, Pelivan cake, Tiramisu, cheese cake... The indispensable part of us are lemonade and boza, which are still one of our symbols.

If you have not visited the "Pelivan" pastry shop at least once, now is the right moment.

You will make sure that there is a real castle in the center of the Serbian capital, which, at least for the moment of the older generation, will be returned to Belgrade as it used to be. You will be convinced that it is possible to preserve the tradition of almost two centuries, and also preserve the quality of each product and take care of them as well as the first day. Make sure that there is no "strange" combination of tastes when it comes to sweets, but only a new one - even better.

That's why we have been waiting for 167 years, and we hope this is just the beginning!

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